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Kelly Bomar Staff Photo

Class Letter 

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Hello, and welcome to music class at West Side Elementary! I am very excited about this year and the many things we will be learning in music class!  My overall goal is for each child to develop the concepts, skills, and attitudes for a lifetime enjoyment and appreciation of music.  This is accomplished through a variety of experiences, such as singing, playing instruments, listening, moving, improvising, creating, expressing, and performing.

Each grade will have at least one performance during the year and a school wide Christmas Concert. Other opportunities may include a Christmas and/or end of the year musical for 5th grade, as well as the chance to participate in our Talent Show in the spring.

In order to ensure that these goals can be reached and to promote a positive learning environment, the following guidelines have been established for music class. 

Music Class Expectations

1.  Make good choices
2.  Use good manners
3.  Speak when appropriate
4.  Involve yourself
5.  Care for equipment

Group and Individual Rewards 

1.  Class can earn a special music class by showing consistent positive behavior as a group

     throughout the month.  

2.  Good report to classroom teacher

3.  Public praise and Class Dojo points   

4.  Braves Bucks

5.  DOJO points                                 

Group Consequences

1.  Verbal warning

2.  Loss of recess time

3.  Possible homeroom consequences

4. Loss of DOJO points

Individual Consequences

1. Verbal Warning

2. Loss of DOJO points

3. A time out for an appropriate length of time or seat change

4. Conference with student

5. Restriction of privileges, loss of recess, silent lunch, etc.

6. Contact parent

7. Principal notified and student sent immediately to office (severe)

I look forward to sharing the joy of music with your child as I help him/her grow as a musician.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via e-mail at or contact the school at 706.866.9211. I look forward to a wonderful year of music experiences with your child. Please refer to the back of this letter for information about rules, discipline, and my grading system. Looking forward to a fabulous and fun year!


Thank you,

Kelly Bomar

Music Educator









  1. Attitude, effort, participation, and behavior will make up grade for Music.
  2. The following consequences will be used for disciplinary purposes:

a.  Verbal reminder - reminder for the student to correct inappropriate behavior

b.  In Class Timeout – isolation from activity that allows student to think of ways to handle inappropriate behavior until he/she is ready to return to the activity. If repeated violations occur,  the student will miss class and a note will be sent home.

c.  Student/Teacher Conference

d.  Parent Contact- if severe

e.  Office Referral


Grading Scale:

S = Satisfactory

N = Needs to Improve- Note of concern sent home with child/phone call to notify parent

U = Unacceptable