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Jack Napolitano Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
Physical Education


- The Baylor School (Chattanooga, TN) - Class of 1994

- Bevill State (Fayette, AL) and The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga,                       Bachelor of Science / Exercise, Health & Leisure Studies, certified K-12 - May, 2001


Mr. Nap has been teaching physical education since 2001 at West Side Elementary.  Throughout his career, he has integrated into his lesson plans the following:

  • teaching good sportsmanship and leadership
  • practicing good health and nutrition
  • learning how to listen and follow rules
  • learning and playing team games and sports
  • utilizing cross education by integrating math, spelling, etc. into physical game


A Chattanooga native, Mr. Nap is excited to be teaching at West Side this year!  

Sports have always been important to Mr. Nap, and he participated in many team activities throughout his adolescence including baseball, golf, track/field and basketball.  Mr. Nap found he was most interested in basketball, and played throughout high school and then continued in his college freshman year.

As much as he loves sports, Mr. Nap found he loves teaching, too.  He comes from a family of teachers, and it seemed a natural fit, and is always looking for new ways to make PE fun.

Mr. Nap currently lives on Signal Mountain with his wife, Elizabeth, their daughter Emma Cate, their three cats (Bonnie, Clyde and Luke) and their dog (Maggie).