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Business Partners

Catoosa County, Georgia is very lucky to have so many businesses that are willing and able to contribute to our students and schools.

The partners that serve West Side do many wonderful things for our school. Many of the businesses allow their employees to come to West Side to mentor students during the workday. While visiting the mentors can be found reading with our students, helping them learn money management with a banking program, perform skits, provide encouragement, and most of all a smiling face. These are just a few of the contributions from our partners.

If you are interested in becoming a business partner for West Side, please contact Mrs. Dyer for more information.   Here is a list of the business that partner with West Side.

Dr. Hilner- Relationship Therapy Center

Mr. Johns - Northwest Georgia Bank

Mr. Allen - Chickamauga Park

Ms. Radovich - Catoosa County Library

Bro. Moore - West Side Baptist Church

Mr. Michaels - State Farm Insurance

Ms. Davis - Capital Bank

Mr. Dyer - Heritage Insurance

Mr. Getz - Little Caesar's Pizza

Ms. Harden - Chick-Fil- A

 Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Palmer - Space Hogs


For more information about Partnership 2000, please click on the link below.


West Side's Partnership Contact: Lois Nix, teacher