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Principal's Corner, Feb. 2017

Principal’s Corner

The Georgia Milestones Assessment System


This month I wanted to take a few moments to discuss standardized testing and the state required test, called the Georgia Milestones Assessment System.

As required by the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, a federal law, students in US public schools participate in annual standardized assessments to measure their academic progress. According to the law, students must demonstrate that they are on grade level in reading and math in certain gateway grades in order to be promoted to the next grade. You can find more information about testing requirements at:

In Georgia, the required assessment is the Georgia Milestones Assessment System for students in grades 3-8. Georgia law, as amended by the Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015, requires that all students in grades three through eight take the Milestones in the content areas of Reading/English language arts and mathematics. The state of Georgia also requires that we test all students in grades 5 and 8 in the subjects of science and social studies. You can access further information about the Milestones and all the standardized tests currently required for Georgia students at the Georgia Department of Education’s testing web page at:

At West Side Elementary, we have been working extremely hard for the past few months to prepare your child to master the Georgia Standards of Excellence that will be evaluated on the Milestones test in April. You can help your child do his or her best on these tests by making sure that he or she continues to be at school on time each day, completes class work and homework assignments, and is well rested and ready to learn each morning. During testing week in April, please help your child by making sure he or she gets plenty of rest, eats a good breakfast, and has a good, stress free morning. If you have questions or concerns about the Milestones test and promotion requirements, please make an appointment to discuss them with your child’s teacher at a mutually convenient time. As always, my door is open to you as well.

As a former coach, I like to think of Milestones week as the championship tournament that our students have been preparing for over eight months. While some students will be more nervous than others and some will have better testing sessions than others, all of our students deserve the opportunity to show their best on the test! I am excited for this year’s chance for our students to display their academic excellence.


Dr. Mike Rich