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Student Council

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 SLC is a team of ten fifth graders who have been nominated by at least two teachers.  They must have no lower than C's on each report card and no office referrals.  Students chosen as leaders for the year will participate in the Leadership Academy, the annual Food Drive and a Community Project.  These students will be asked to do a variety of tasks during the school year, including representing their class, their grade level and the school in issues that they feel need to be brought to our attention.  They may suggest a school improvement or notify an adult of a problem at hand.  SLC provides an invaluable service to our school each year.  I would like to thank this year's team along with every team who has served our school over the years.  Sincerely, Jolee Carter Parry



Members of the Student Leadership Council are representative from the three classes of fifth graders. Students are recommended by their teachers based on their leadership skills. Mrs. Jolee Parry is the adult sponsor for this group. Each year the SCL adopts at least one service project that they present to the school. It is a way of giving back.

Student Leadership Council members for 2011-12 school year:

Tabitha C., Charlie C., Mary C., Sara C., Brandon C., Erin H., Daylan H., Courtney M., Tyler M., and Jarrett P.


October Project: New library books for the Media Center

Nail painting and tattoos

Money Raised: $135.11


West Side (WS) Chronicle:

This paper will circulate monthly with articles and information from our students. It sells for $0.50 and is two pages long. The funds will go directly to the co-sponsored PTO fund for Library books. Thank you for your support. 

First Edition Money Raised: $11.00


Total money raised by Student Council: $1,200

This money will all go for funding books for our media center.